by Darren

Welcome to the Football CFB website. My name is Callum McFadden and I founded Football CFB because football is my passion. I love the game across all levels from the World Cup to the Juniors. This website hosts unique football content in written form, video form and also in podcast form. 

Football CFB regularly trends in the top 20 football podcasts in the UK and across Europe.

My podcast style to allow each guest to talk about their career and life in football openly with little interruption as they are the stars – not me. You can access all podcasts here and on your favourite streaming sites including Apple podcasts and Spotify. You can also access Football CFB on YouTube –

In recent months, the podcast has become of the fastest growing in Europe and also trended in 56 countries and reached number 5 of all sports podcasts in the UK. 

I am also distributing my content via Los Angeles based BTP media to a substantial US audience.

Every Monday we co promote a show called “The Global Football Show”

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